Jordan Jolicoeur: Proud to be working with Trans Mountain Pipeline

We connected with contractor Jordan Jolicoeur (middle) of Stony Plain, Alberta to talk about his experiences working with Kinder Morgan Canada and the importance of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. Jordan, whose family home growing up was alongside the Trans Mountain Pipeline right-of-way, is president and CEO of Carvel Electric Ltd. Carvel Electric is a Metis-owned electrical company that has carried out numerous electrical maintenance contracts for Trans Mountain Pipeline.

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Imaginea Energy’s Suzanne West talks vision with Carvel Electric

In the public markets, where investors are high on expectations and low on patience, oil and gas companies are only as good as their last quarterly result. But for Suzanne West, the founder of Calgary-based Imaginea Energy, an oil and gas producer with the intention to, as she puts it, “change the world” by operating in a sustainable way, companies can have a higher purpose than generating returns. West sees her company not solely as a revenue generator, but as a way to recalibrate the idea of what an energy producer is. She sat down with Jordan Jolicoeur, a 26-year-old entrepreneur, at Ki Modern Japanese + Bar in Calgary to talk about the importance of having a vision when building a company.

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Resilience Through Challenging Times

At this time of the year, the phone calls and emails are usually flowing steadily to and from Carvel Electric. But the economic downturn hasn’t overlooked local businesses, and for many the customers and jobs have been slow to come in. However, instead of getting anxious, Carvel Electric is becoming more ambitious, using it as an opportunity to go after what they want.

“We’ve had to get a lot more aggressive on finding jobs now,” explained Jordan Jolicoeur, CEO of Carvel Electric.

The small business is now the only certified aboriginal electrical company in Alberta, and Jordan said their Metis heritage has helped them make those connections with oil and pipeline companies.

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