Our Services

Carvel Electric is a multi-faceted electrical company. Our services range from commercial construction, industrial controls to LED lighting upgrades.

Our teams experience was gained in commercial and industrial construction. That experience has helped us understand the intricacies that come with construction, the barriers that sometimes can arise along the way and how to avoid them to keep your project on time and on budget.

LED Lighting

Make the switch to LED.

As an electrical contractor, we have put up hundreds of different types and styles of lights. Through that experience we have learned what makes a good light. Quality of construction, design , ease of installation and applicable usage. With our knowledge of what makes a good light, we were then able to align ourselves with  manufacturers that could offer products that we felt confident in installing. Those relationships with LED manufacturers have allowed us to provide  quality chosen lighting options which are sent directly to us, saving handling costs which we pass on to  our clients.

LEDs are poised to replace traditional incandescent light bulbs. LEDs are rapidly becoming the preferred lighting solution and industry standard for new installations and lighting upgrades.

LED technology also offers many additional advantages over incandescent, neon and compact fluorescent lighting devices. LED options use up to 90% less energy in certain cases, operate in a more safe manor and have exceptionally longer life span than conventional lighting choices which in turn reduces maintenance costs.

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Industrial Solutions

The Industrial Solutions division provides a full range of electrical services for projects in the energy, process, and railroad sectors across western Canada. 

Our projects range from small scale industrial construction, preventative maintenance to control panel building and modular buildings used in a variety of industries. 

Our expertise includes:
•  control panel construction
•  facility construction & maintenance
•  heat trace installation
•  power & control wiring 
•  preventative maintenance
•  skid/modular building construction
•  transformer installations
•  cable tray, conduit and raceways
•  teck cable

Commercial Electrical Contracting

From one business to another, we understand what it takes to make your dream operating space become a reality. Whether it be retail storefront, an office, a restaurant or workshop, we can offer our experience to help build your business' new home.

Other Services

•  Controls
•  QA/QC
•  Temporary power
•  Office and commercial lighting
•  Cable tray/Raceways
•  Control panel fabrication
•  Yard lighting
•  Trenching
•  PLC wiring/upgrades
•  Teck cable
•  Maintenance
•  MI and SR heat tracing
•  LED lighting retrofitting


Our custom panels can be fabricated with extra capacity to accommodate future additions by providing spare I/O points and terminals, extra DIN rail, empty PLC slots, and by over-sizing power supplies, disconnects, and main branch circuits.